Massage is not just a luxury it is a way to a happier healthier life

EXCLUSIVE TO Tofte Manor an offering of pure relaxation and energetic aligning 

As an intuitive and sensitive medicine woman Sarah-Jayne is dedicated to inviting you to fully relax into yourself allowing your body’s natural healing energy to flow.

Sarah-Jayne offers the opportunity to experience a unique combination of healing modalities including:

Holistic Healing Massage: utilising powerful physical touch and the gentle yet potent energy of Reiki and Shamanic Insight, we work intuitively to clear your body and energy field leaving you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and realigned to your life.

AMATSU: a modern adaptation of a soft tissue therapy that has been used for thousands of years in Japan. It is based on ancient principles of natural movement and can be used to help many musculo-skeletal and lifestyle related conditions, as well as supporting the restoration of general health and well-being.  Undertaken clothed I use a unique soft tissue pressure and mobilisation techniques to treat your whole body.  Unlike many other therapies, it is a whole-body treatment that works with the body’s soft tissue to help to re-balance other key mechanical and energetic structures (e.g. the spine, bones, joints, cranium and meridian circuits).

INTUITIVE SOUL READINGS: (information required one week prior to your stay) an interpretation of your potential experiences for this lifetime. At this time, many of us are experiencing some or all of the above. We are seeing to understand ourselves at a deeper level bringing ourselves clarity and direction. Soul Plan Readings offer a way to look at our life purpose. To see our potential GIFTS and CHALLENGES.

This method works on the conscious and unconscious level and promises to bring the recipient greater freedom, connection, satisfaction, healing and life purpose activation.  This system uses the sound vibration and intention behind naming, to determine a person’s entire ‘Soul Plan.’ Simply by discovering your Soul Plan as revealed by a practitioner, you will naturally begin to align with it. The subtler message is, that in so doing, we may come to realise our true nature. More and more people are now coming to this realisation and Soul Plan can be a significant catalyst in deepening this process. When this fully occurs, there is a sense and experience of our Soul Plan unfolding naturally.

Soul Plan Readings are a powerful system of life purpose guidance and healing.

Now is an excellent time for many more people to have their Soul Plan activated.

What happens in a Soul Plan Reading with Sarah-Jayne Grace?

Your life is reviewed in terms of your talents, goals, potential, lessons and obstacles to overcome and you will also discover your overall life purpose. Simply by receiving the reading you will benefit from a healing and clearing of many redundant blockages. A clarity is reached on areas we have felt stuck and dormant.

As an Intuitive Therapeutic Coach and Shamanic Practitioner, we look at how you are feeling in your life and where you are potentially stuck and how you might overcome challenges that best reach your goals. 

A Soul Plan Reading is an interpretation of your potential experiences for this lifetime.

Sarah-Jayne Grace has over 20 years’ experience intuitively working with people helping them to achieve full body and life awareness through tailoring various modalities for you including, Amatsu, Psychotherapy, Reiki Teacher, Theta, Massage, Shamanic Healing, Kinesiology, Holistic Pelvic Massage and Hypnosis.

Available only at Tofte £60-£150 per session.  Sessions last from 60-90 minutes.

The greatest gift to yourself is a little bit of attention