Jennifer Leach
Art: Jennifer Leach

1:1 Intuitive Reading sessions

Are you feeling the need for some clarity, insight and direction guidance?

I have long been a lover and follower of the tarot and have had a sensitivity to energy and ‘information’ from a young age. I long denied these gifts as I doubted my own inner voice.

What to expect?

Upon payment I will send a note to ask a series of questions, you will then submit questions or a dream to me prior to our session so I can sit and meditate with it before we meet.

It works best if the questions are simple and succinct.


“I find myself unable to make a decision about buying a house. What can you tell me about where I might live and what I might do to assist my clarity’.

I am at a crossroads, what insights might you offer me about how I might choose which direction to head right now?’

DO NOT ASK YES/NO questions – I do not dictate your life simply act as a guide and intuitive to assist you on your path. Working with you to empower you to make your own decision – you always have free choice.

Readings also draw on use of oracle and tarot if required.

Sessions are conducted on Zoom and will last anything from 30-50 minutes with a recording sent to you after our session – sessions can be pre recorded it isn’t necessary for you to be present.