There is no 12 step program for being human

There is no 12 Step Program for LIFE… I may sound contradictory but stay with me…. I’ve been contemplating life…and death. As is my constant question and work both …with myself and my clients I’ve been thinking about what it means to ‘be human’.  What I see in many people and myself is a need for a ‘recipe’ a 12 […]

Internal Monologue of a Perimenopausal woman and her weight

Internal Monologue of a Menopausal Woman Struggling with her Weight You’re so stupid. How could you let yourself do that AGAIN? I know. I am fucking useless. How many times are you going to justify it with ‘but it’s unprecedented times?’ Face it you are numbing, being lazy and playing the victim again. See? Just pinch that fat, feel those […]


PAIN…we often avoid our pain yet…it is called pain for a reason…it can break us open to MORE LIFE it doesn’t have to be permanent it is transitory if we allow it. We often get stuck on our process and old stories clinging to the half life and victim archetype as we are afraid of stepping into our fullness and […]

Grief Tending

GRATITUDE : GRIT : GRACE LEANING IN TO LOVE Learning to thrive when living with grief and loss ​“Tears have a reason to be here, a tear is a prayer. It’s also a way to say yes to life. It’s the other side of joy. If you can’t express your grief, you can’t be genuinely happy. Tears enable us to be […]

Everything We Love We Will Loose….it doesn’t have to be bad

Reflecting in my morning practise I was lead down a path of the past. This time of year seems to being that for many of us. Erring towards winter a natural release and shedding as we move towards the dream time. The deep belly of winter. I found myself thinking about a past love and a friend, both of whom […]


I don’t know about you but I’ve been having a lot of very strange and in-depth dreams recently last night they were about betrayal. I realise that I’ve held a story for a very long time, lifetimes even! It is also in my family system and held in the collective. The story is one around betrayal of the masculine and […]


….creativity You know I keep seeing and hearing of people getting so much ‘more creative’ or ‘finding their creativity’ through this time which is really beautiful and inspiring. Yet, I myself have found myself to be creatively constipated… normally I would be eager to cook, create, write, dance but over the last months this creative flow has dried up to […]