Dear love please help me see the way clear in my heart and life to the way forward, what action am I to take in life?  What stays? What goes? What is an illusion?

Dearest heart, please know how deeply you are loved by those behind and before the veil, the only one that struggles to see their brilliance and beauty is yourself.

There are times when life throws us a severe curve ball, yet, what is this but a change in direction?  An opportunity to release, to review to renew.




These aspects of yourself, these parts that have hidden depths the vaults of time and shielded themselves from the light are moving through.

Love knows no bounds of time.  We can only love.  We are only love, for without love what is there? Truly?

Love cracks us open, it pierces our hearts, it causes us pain, it creates loss, yet it also heals.

Nowhere, no time, no one and nothing you have loved is lost, it has simply moved to a different realm.   All serves a greater purpose. Even in the darkest of times loves finds a way, it is your job to let it in.

The walls that have been built around your heart; it is time to release them.  It is time to know how deeply you are thought of, how deeply you are loved.

All that you have not ‘done’ through love is not lost.  Building communities, building trust, bringing love into all areas of your life…..can you allow yourself into your own life?

These are the moments and questions. Can you let yourself into your own life?

What would it mean to allow yourself to be loved?

Oh my how people have loved you, so deeply, yet always the broken bird is lacking the confidence and faith to fully let it in.

Can you begin again? Can you begin?

To be loved means to surrender the guard, to allow yourself to be seem , yet it is the trust you are so afraid of.  It is the trust you so fear, for if you trust there can again be abandonment, a loss, a rejection, pain, yet you get through it again and again.  Look at the pain you have known. The loss you know.

Know how deeply you are loved beloved.  Thought of so dear by many. Time to think this of yourself.

You are a catalyst, it can be a lonely and painful role in life, yet you have to meet yourself in order to live…to love…

All is well, all will be well. 

These lessons are here to serve and show you where you are to go next, these are the parts that no longer serve, no longer create happiness, so know how you can go forth, to begin, become something, someone new, the wholeness of who you are.

These times my love, our love, are highlighting the changes to happen.  All will become clear, all is becoming clear.

Get on with what is in hand, do it with an open heart, allow the integrity of what’s been done to come through, all will be well, all is well.

You are loved, you are cherished. You touch all you meet, in ways not always so sweet through projections, but you my love are a powerful woman in your own right, love you are made of the stars, of love.  Let this in, nourish yourself, drink yourself in and always with an open heart, turn to face the world.

In grace, Sarah