Sitting here on a mini break I have been very present to how when life stops, when there is space I actually feel quite lonely.  There is a grief moving through that is reflected  both personally and collectively.  Such turbulent times, such uncertainty and ‘othering’.  Pondering on this I find myself with a tender heart, longing for connection.  I know I am not alone.

This last year or so I have been supporting many though free dance sessions and free women’s groups and now I am taking a little time for myself as things begin to open up.  I find myself in this feeling some apprehension and I know this is reflected in many of the population from speaking with friends, strangers and clients. 

Many of us have either been avoiding our hearts through this or have become ‘painfully’ aware of our tender hearts, this muscle that gives us life.  

Whilst many of us have known loss in one form or another and may feel even more isolated though these times, experiencing an isolation which affects our mental and physical health so deeply and more subtly,  so subtle that it is potentially a greater ‘pandemic’ than C19 and one with less awareness, with arguably greater longer lasting consequences.  

These times have rocked our trust, our beliefs, our very foundations.  Each time I feel like this, I encourage myself to come back to my heart.

Here I find faith. 
I find connection.
I find my truth.

I have recoded a short heart meditation for you to rest with and to learn to connect more to this place.

Find a comfortable space and gift yourself 10 minutes…

Sent with love and warm wishes as we continue to navigate these wild times.


Heart Visualisation