Open your voice woman!  Allow that guttural primal sound finally space to be heard.

That primal aspect of yourself your TRUE VOICE.  The cry that comes not for the place of cognitive that’s the place of KNOWING.  This place resides in all of us yet is so rarely accessed for fear of persecution, of pain, and again be outcast from the fold, the sisterhood, the life that is ‘comfortable’!   Yet, comfort isn’t a place where we are to reside.  To reside in this comfort is certain death to our primal being.  For to live with, to be with and from the place actual expression there is an edge and it is this edge we fear navigate, to dance, to walk.  The edge moves as we grow as we fall we will rise.

The edge, this is place of the known and unknown is the place and space where we navigate life, for here we’re fully in service to life, to ourselves, to our true nature.

Nature knows no edges.  It moves them, shifts them and blows them apart. It ebbs and flows slowly enticing than to wear away just like you dear one.  To be on the edge is such a misused term it creates fear in the masses, when it is really a term and invitation to be in fully engaged with life, ourselves, our truth and what is.  We can be ‘on the edge’ and live well and fully when we are making a conscious choice.  Without this awareness and commitment, we fall.

There is no failure each is a growth and learning point and from here and choice. 

There is a yearning for the ‘WILD’ yet to be truly wild means knowing also your innocence and your primal aspect, your cyclical nature.  It is not a place to relinquish responsibility but to a make a choice to be fully alive.  Many see it as reckless abandon, yet this is destructive and disrespectful to be truly while means of knowing one’s purpose and committing to be there.  Is this fullness expresses itself in both creation and destruction.  The cycle of life.  Death and rebirth.

There is so much belonging and yearning for that which destroys our true essence and primal nature rather than engaging in the fullness of ourselves, our voice, and our dance in life.

Open your mouth Dear one and allow the thorns to be spewed out from your upper and lower the old words and beliefs, the pain the ostracisation, the loss, allow the sound to come from the heart and womb.  It Is too long since you have opened you mouth and uttered your truth from the holy of holies that resides between your thighs.

This sounds, words and voice that live deep within many others no it yet many others fear it for it isn’t always pretty and sweet; she tears that which is incongruent apart calling for truth, authenticity and action.

Yet whilst we shut her away and quieten the truth speaking words we also deny the beauty, the sweetness and the words of love and encouragement; of beauty honour and Grace.  Those words that touch your hearts like the first summer breeze laden with the fragrance of Rose, Jasmine and honeysuckle those words that heal those wounds through so many lifetimes, those pains.  Those words and sounds that easy ache at the longing heart and painful limbs, the salve and balm of the True Voice.

Your voice is nectar to the ear, body mind and soul.  The balance.  And we refuse the ‘realness’, the cut and the sting, we also refuse the honey.  Yet chase the highly we do.  Whilst we chase the honey we die looted so deeply lacing it with ‘sugar’ we lose the true essence at the sound and voice again.

The potent homoeopathic dose of touch, of beauty and Love. The honey and the sting, like the edge is truth.

If There has been ripped away or perhaps gently released so that we can see, feel and hear clearly with every part of our essence.

The edge is our voice, it is our expression in the world.  Can we learn to dance and play here? Can we learn to both rest and be here?

Step away from the old comforts of numbing.  Step away from sugared words and actions.  Step towards truth.  This is the edge it is the place and action, of being.  Is the place of living in authentic life.  It Is also the places pure joy.  Full without true expression we are living a lie and comparing.  Putting ourselves again back in boxes imposed, adopted, forced and taken on by ourselves.

To be in our truth liberates us.  Yes; this is exposing; vulnerable and raw, yet it is where we are most alive.  Is the place we know that truth connection to love and joy ecstasy and life.

The time is ticking, the ancestors calling for us to be truly expressed and being in the world.

Open your heart, your womb and allow your true voice of place in the world dear one; your place; whilst weaving, holding your own threads and feeding them, with breath, Will and imagination.  Learn finally, fully to trust yourself, your place, and you’re being in the world. 

The edges what you make it.  An exquisite delight it can be if you so choose.

Is your choice but make it now and open your heart and seeing Open your heart and speak allow your voice the sound to remit and trust dear one, trust, we have you.