Cloak of many colours – a channelled message

Woman; be aware of ‘doing’, the doing you are doing is creating a ripple in the wave of your life, moving forward.

The doing is now to become creating through being.  The doing that dart of sword like energy has its place, yes.  Yet, you are ‘doing’ a habitual pattern, out of a habitual pattern.  Is it working?


We are entering the dream time of winter, the time of ‘doing’ becomes still, it is a time to tend to our deepest soul requirements, to tend our hearts, our wombs, our wounds, our dreams.  It is a time to tend, to nourish ourselves. To draw back the threads from our weave of life, to untangle, to mend, to cut, to fall into the mellow murmur of the internal hum and weave.

How lies your inner landscape?  Do you know?  Rarely, do you truly know the intimacy of your internal landscape, nor do you truly listen, No. your focus is so externalised on the ‘doing’ of life, you cease to BE life, you stop BEING in life. 

 In this ‘doing’ you are a construct from the old poem and story that was given to you, like a thread bare cloak, full of putrid stains – you took it and made it your own.

It is time to discard this ill-fitting cloak that was a ‘gift’ and to begin to weave a cloak of many colours that fits you, your body alone.  Woven from the finest threads of the softest silk and richest colours.  Woven with the nectar of your tears, your stories, your dreams, your desires.

This cloak of many colours that fits and moulds your body, your form sways and catches the light so that all those that behold it stop and gasp in wonder at the beauty of the weave, whilst also wondering if it is a dream, for so few things of such beauty in and out are truly given space in this life.

It is time dearest one, weaver of the stories to begin to hum your own song, the tune of your own life, to breathe into the depths of your soul, your life, your BE-ingness.

This cloak of many colours is a lifetimes work and you have this charge to create.

There is nothing ‘doing’ about this task as it is an act of love, of creation, of co-creation with your body, breath, dreams and tears.

This co-creation and creation is the way forward.  It is how to move, whilst being here, now.

Allow dear woman, for the cloak to take form in your heart your womb, your inner eye, then with loving fingers begin to create.

The time of ‘doing’ is now one of ‘becoming’. 

The old stories and threads to be gifted back to the fire, the old ways, become your ways, yet all are for your picking.

That that which serves in the most co-creative way – NO more obligation, now the co-creation, with heart, womb, love and discernment. 

Time to weave the cloak of the womb-an, the Sovereign becoming.  For a true Queen wears a cloak of many colours that is the fibre of her BE-ingness.  Her connection to this earth, to this brilliant life.

The Sovereign becomes the truth of her tongue, the mistress of her own body.  Sharing, undulating, breathing with her WILL no-one and no-thing else can dictate. Those are the old ways – the new ways are here.

It is your choice, dear beloved woman to create your own cloak of many colours. To bring yourself to the threshold of your own path, to begin to know your place and your ‘PLACE’.  To hear yourself and share yourself at your WILL once more. You know what it is to be this – for you have walked the path of the High Priestess many times before. Yet, somewhere in the ‘doing’ you became less than.

Bring again this majesty into your heart, your life, your body and know this: You are here.  YOU are here. YOU ARE HERE.

These times.  These times are YOUR times. Learn to dance the weave of this cloak that fits you, it flows and dances with you. Fully surrender the old cloak…too baggy, too tight…..too heavy….too putrid, too full of other people’s stories and projections and allow yourself the gift of the co-creation of you in ALL the fullness of beauty.

This time is NOW.  Yet, take NOT too much time for then again you drop the threads again and become complacent in the ‘doing’ of other. 

Be a mistress to your own destiny, a commitment to yourself, it Is through this commitment you are able to thus become a conduit for others.  This beauty, taming her ‘beast’ becomes the Queen of her own life, her destiny and thus surrenders the old as she stands naked clothed only in her cloak of many colours woven from the threads of the Fae, passed through the milky way and the deepest parts of the earth. Woven together with the dreams, prayers and knowledge of you and your nectars.  Your co-creation.

Weave dear sister, weave, these times are calling, they are now, they are vital.  Become the colours of the earth and dance your own path of creation.