Begin now – a channelled message

Begin now, begin in this moment, take that thought and follow the thread back.  Following back through the stories, the patterns, the weave.  Untangle the ‘mess’ that has become this thread.  Ease the catches with gentle fingers, whisper words of love, of Tenderness, of beauty; so by itself the frayed edges smooth.  Follow this thread, this is part of the fabric of being which is part of the ill-fitting cloak you wear is your own. 

Follow unpicking and untangling along the way, sleeping away as thorns placing down the stones that caught the brambles.  Wash the stains with your tears and move on.  Take each of these knots into your heart and then let them go, be grateful for the lessons, the pain, the loss for behold what has come a instead?  An emptiness that is so rich, so fast it opens you up to the truth of you and your divine knowing.

Follow these threads dear one and in the unpicking, detangling, smoothing and de-staining: HEED THIS: get not lost, get not lost in what was for that can be no more.

No, you have altered so far beyond that which was, to go back would be certain death.  It is within this loss, this empty space you find the new thread.  The new gossamer thread can be woven with the old to bring clarity.  The old no longer serves, but it has served to get you here.  This does not mean it is necessary for it to continue to serve for these are the old ways and beliefs; and yes; you have moved pass these ways even though your personality ego doubts these words your soul knows.  Your soul knows the potency of who you are here to be.  It Is through the untangling, this smoothing of and that ball and misinterpretation, stagnation and literal ‘mess’ that you understand fully the complexity and the beauty of your many facets of being.

You are a light my love, my divine.  You are a beacon for yourself and for others.  By becoming this is smooth this thread, we do not think or believe it will always be ‘smooth sailing’.  No; there are knots and frays which are part of your unique tapestry in this beautiful world.  Your story, your knowing, your gifts, your medicine all have a place in this world.  Indeed, you are required in this world.

There is much for us all to be creating yet through the destruction and chaos constant harm, the knowing, is straight and the becoming. The becoming of you.

Use your voice and expressions dear one, in which ever form calls.  Dance. Sing. Cook.  Paint. Write.  Make love. Make art. Simply create.

Through the creation you change stories and patterns, you give an expression, you honour them, you release them.  We are unable to fully let it go without first being grateful.  Grateful for the pain, for the loss, for the lessons, for the space that has come.  The space.  The pregnant pause.  The void.  So like nature is self we can begin again.