…a channelled message…

Do you find yourself in the desert of your life or in the last and green fertile valleys and hills?  Which is your medicine?

Do you find yourself walking alone through the open landscapes where little grows? Yearning for the smallest drop of touch, nourishment?  Tongue parched like your barren heart, lips cracked longing for the moisture of another’s kiss? Your own kiss?

When was the last time you took your time to make love to yourself, for yourself?  To treat your body and your soul to what it’s calling for.  To listen to the deepest desires and smallest moments of true self nourishment.  To languish and take the time for you.

The give, give, give of the martyr complex has to cease.  How do you anticipate being of use, service and significance in the world, if you drop by drop, drip by drip are giving each bit of your final vital life blood and breath?

Indeed; the relinquishing of responsibility for yourself by always looking to and after another leaves this chalice that is you empty on dry.

This is not an invitation to simply withdraw and become so immersed in your own self that you disappear into your own belly. No, it is an invitation to be present.

Present it to your needs as they call and scream to you. Indeed; so long have they been screaming definitely don’t become hoarse and given up.  Numbed out and quit attempting to be heard.  These now play out and I addictions, poisoned arrows, our suffering hearts; in our disconnect from self, other, from life.

This hoarse voice that has become so quiet all dumb from the lack of listening is gaining force.  Yet when she gains force emits her rage from being silenced, she comes through like the desert wind slicing, like Pele cracking open and spewing her hot potent lava forth, scolding all those in her way, melting the path. 

Sometimes, yes, this is vital.  To meet and burn away that which is no longer serves.  Yet when she emits in this way, she traumatises both yourself and the landscape around her. 

To allow all this sound to emerge is to become practice.  It invites the sweet and tender spring waters and rain to gently, gently be introduced.  Not a torrent and downpour, but a fine mist that begins to ease the arid landscape and broken hearts.  The gentleness and light and bright spring water slowly, slowly introduced so not to disturb the topsoil but to gently begin to filter to the roots so deeply hidden in the arid desert their dormant. 

Yet, as we know, when spring comes to the desert the once barren landscape becomes full and alive with new growth, new life.   For even the hottest and driest parts of the year Life still lives in those arid places it is simply waiting, being, surrendering.

You are waiting for you beloved.  No one and nothing else.  You are waiting for you.  Waiting for your tender heart to begin to melt and open a little bit more, that the breath of life to be given to yourself, your body, your landscape. 

Attention: one eye in and one eye out.  One eye in and one eye out.

There is an awakening happening even whilst we are being called towards winter. 

The awakening lies so deeply down in your heart and womb that the murmur is yet to be heard.  These months ahead of the dream time, Time for cutting and trimming for mending at tapestry, our cloaks.  To be still yet, Full of life.

In the draining comes clarity.  This stillness and honouring of the old ways, in the new way, your way.  Your way is vital for the years ahead.  Take time to allow these voices that lay in your heart and womb become so knowing to you, so clear, that the faintest whisper resonates throughout your whole being.  These voices are for now.  They are the future.  For they are you, your truth, your knowing. 

These voices, your voice. 

Your body – move it. 

Your voice – use it. 

Your heart take down the final armoured wall and release yourself from the shackles.

You are a beautiful being of creation.

A creatrix.

Is the balance of the desert and the forest, the valleys, the waters and the open plains.

Bring yourself home fully.  Land.  The open.  Be open to yourself, your heart, your life.

So many believe they are in life and living a spiritual life, but this is not so.  To live fully is to express and embrace all life, not to turn a blind eye, to the broken, homeless drug addicts in the corner, or to the fires burning, animals suffering, I’ve been very our planet in plastic and toxic waste.  No, but also don’t get lost in these causes this too is an addiction.  Balance is called for.  One eye in and one eye out. 

To burn oneself to the floor is also to be avoiding life.

So busy

So important.

So doing good in the world.

Yes, but the balance is required else this to become is an imbalance in the system.

Do great things yes, but never to the expense of the holy holy vessels that is you.

So many screaming at this ‘I can’t’, ‘that’s nonsense’.  Perhaps, yet, look really closely at you and your life.  Is it working for you?  The constant chasing enjoy? Doing for other? The ‘I’m so busy’.

Get to your face off your phone and engage life.

This is an invitation, an invitation to life, to you and your heart and your soul knowing.  Yet to be truly in it you have to want to be in it.  It’s a choice to quit the incessant addiction to doing and become savvy, strong and wise to your time and your voice.

Time is precious commodity yes we disregard it.  Track what do you do and how you do it and you will find you do have time.  You have time to you, for listening to your voice, your body, your wisdom, for you.

Is within this time you finally antidote, the medicine, the gentle flow, and miss to water the arid desert that is your hearts and your life.  You find the sun to shine on the dark, boggy and soggy parts of the forest and valleys blocked and locked in inertia and nothingness feeling no light no direction for life.  Allow the sun to come to dry out those soggy parts, to give you solid ground to walk free from these patterns and places.  To drive the aching bones full of damp.  As ever this begins with you.  Listen dear woman, listen, your medicine awaits.