Becoming Queen…a channelled message

It is time Dear One to begin to own your own crown.  You are a Queen in the making, yet, we cannot become fully Queens unless we are ready to become a Sovereign of our own life.  This means taking full responsibility for all areas in your life.  It is healing the darkest quadrants, the deepest wounds and becoming a transparent vessel of light.

Much of the work is being done, it is being undertaken, most has been done, different facets of the same story, yet for some of us it is just the beginning. 

All is clearing the way for the next phase in your life, your existence, your BE-ingness on this planet.

There is much for you to ‘do’ in this world.  First the quadrants of the heart have to be dusted thoroughly for you to be bought into shape and begin to really, truly know your worth. For dear one, you ARE worthy, beyond any doubt you are worthy to wear the crown of sovereignty, potency and grace in your own life.

It takes a brave heart to be so deeply vulnerable and open to this adventure, and yes, it is an adventure, albeit one with demons, gremlins and ghosts, there is also magic, play and light in it all.  You know each fairy tale and adventure there is an initiation.  It is an undertaking of the excavation of the psyche, the growth of the Soul, the acceptance, taming and knowing of the ego personality.  A step into the fullness of you also means knowing the emptiness of you.  It requires a deep knowing of all of you.  It requires the release of ancestral wounds, to own and heal your own.  To cease martyring yourself.  This is how a Queen reigns in her own life. It is through this she is kind, thoughtful and caring to her herself , her people, the earth and all its life forms.

All the triggers and pains are used as medicine to heal the wounds of past times and allow the healing to be in the now. To really know the beauty of wholeness you have to know what it is to be empty, in pain and in the dark.  It is in this place my love, my Queen dear woman you become the leader in your own life and take your place on your own throne.