PAIN…we often avoid our pain yet…it is called pain for a reason…it can break us open to MORE LIFE it doesn’t have to be permanent it is transitory if we allow it.

We often get stuck on our process and old stories clinging to the half life and victim archetype as we are afraid of stepping into our fullness and being BIG in the world. This is a deep primal fear for to be cast out of the village meant death.

This doesn’t need to be so.

We find tribe.

We grow.

We shine.

We allow ourselves to BE to step fully into purpose.

Yes, it’s scary old things, old people, old beliefs have to shift and fall away leaving us naked, raw and open, sometimes seemingly alone.

Yet, are we truly alone?

We have our connection to something greater than ourselves.

We gain for the first time a connection to OURSELVES.

We learn our truth.

We speak our truth.

We step into our truth.

We live our truth. This then enables us to engage with others in their truth.

Those ones that are making a difference in the world. The ones that resonate and understand pain is transitory…a gateway to more life.

More love.

More you.

What do you choose?