I don’t know about you but I’ve been having a lot of very strange and in-depth dreams recently last night they were about betrayal.

I realise that I’ve held a story for a very long time, lifetimes even! It is also in my family system and held in the collective.

The story is one around betrayal of the masculine and yet when I sit with that I feel that it goes further back than that and it relates also to the feminine how the feminine have betrayed the masculine. How the feminine betrayed the feminine, the masculine the masculine…It goes ALL ways, yet we can get very stuck in the loop of one.

Meditating, I asked for some guidance around this and this is what I was given:

‘Know the healing is happening because you have an awareness. There is nothing and no thing for you to do simply allow the old that is coming through for release to come through. it is liberating you from the past there is nothing you can do about the past. You can only make choices now and moving forward about how you wish to be in the world.

Those that have come and gone let them release them, cease holding onto them as they are an illusion; a memory. If they are meant to be in your life they will return it is your choice to be open or not.

Know that the love you seek also seeks you. Trust this is so believe this is so. Yet, you also have to WANT YOURSELF. You, yourself, know how time is a factor that is in the hands of only the divine when the alignment is right magic happens.

Trust the universe has your back. We are rooting for you, for this growth. Self acceptance, love and kindness is vital for this next phase of life. You may or may not know this but you will never not meet a soulmate.

Art: Jessica Meeks

The dreams and reflections are helping you identify what was not what is. You are releasing and realigning to enable the new codes to download and become truth in your life. The blueprint of you is coming alive fully. This is so the beauty of now can come through and be present in the world, there is no rush.

Everyone is being still, waiting, percolating biding time for the growth process on the planet cannot come whilst everyone is doing ‘normal everyday busy routines including avoidance!’

Take these weeks and months to fully understand you. To dive deep, to move with and through, to discover the green and gold of your heart. The truth of your heart, to create. Begin to fully belong to yourself. No one else, nowhere else, just here NOW.

The belonging you seek is a longing to be accepted.

How can you be accepted anywhere else when you do you not believe in yourself? When you live only from the past memories, reflections and stories you have told yourself?

Are these working?

We think not!

You are shifting and with this the belonging becomes a being!

No more longing as there is an acceptance of who you are. This takes away the external longing and you arrive to a place of being.

A place of knowing.

A place of self trust.

Believing and knowing this is Grace.

It is connection.

It is the alignment of head, heart, hearth and spirit.

This is the medicine right now share this and share yourself as it feels right for you’.

Warmly Sarah

January 8th 2021