…there is no smoke without fire.

We are on a wild ride of awakening. Of opening. Of seeing. Of loving. Of showing up in the world and for ourselves, communities and our beloveds.


I don’t know about you but I’ve been having a lot of very strange and in-depth dreams recently last night they were about betrayal. I realise that I’ve held a story for a very long time, lifetimes even! It is also in my family system and held in the collective. The story is one around betrayal of the masculine and […]


….creativity You know I keep seeing and hearing of people getting so much ‘more creative’ or ‘finding their creativity’ through this time which is really beautiful and inspiring. Yet, I myself have found myself to be creatively constipated… normally I would be eager to cook, create, write, dance but over the last months this creative flow has dried up to […]