Golden Slippers – a channelled message

Dear one, please know how deeply you and your work are ‘needed’ in this world. 

The world that is a blaze with fear, fires and fight.  The world that is destroying itself, a humanity that is destroying itself and its home.  There is a likening to the split in Atlantis, the division of humanity, light v’s dark, dark v’s light yet with mortals, individuals, less ‘aware’.

The consciousness is shifting, it is becoming a higher level vibrationally, yet it takes work to get there and to STAY there and stay there we must.

It is all to easy to numb out through our chosen addictions or to lock it all down through fear, wanting to stay small, to keep without change, so that nothing alters so it all remains ‘safe’.  Yet, nothing and no-thing is ‘safe’ it is all an illusion and change we must. 

Only through the expansion of the Soul do we become whole. Only through the expansion of the Soul do we really begin to live fully in life as we were created.

The impositions of all the nonsense we ‘think’ is real is NOT.  It is an illusion.  What is real is your breath, your body, your now. Yet, within this there are moments that this too is an illusion. It creates an opportunity for choice, for beginning again in each and every moment.

A choice where to breathe and how.

A choice what and how to eat.

A choice how to love and live

A choice in each moment.

How to nourish our bodies, minds and Soul. Can we be mindful with these choices? All our choices?

For without conscious choice and conscious awareness of what we choose we simply stay on the monotonous path to hell, to nothing and no-thing, to the void.

Whilst the void is a pregnant place and place of dismemberment and rebirth like the holy of holies – death and rebirth without conscious awareness within this place we become lost. 

The journey is one to experience feeling it all whilst NOT becoming lost. To stay clearly on your path in that moment and consciously allowing it. Yes, it will hurt, yet love hurts and love heals.  The same with any feeling.  Begin at once to acknowledge yourself, your life, your belonging in this world and begin to allow your medicine to emerge.  Slowly, as it begins to flow drop by drop, breath by breath, anoint yourself, your body, your life, your beloveds, this planet.

You have a part to play and that is no longer a passive role. It is time dear woman to slip on the golden slippers and own the worth of you, your work, your place in the world.  Dearest one, Sovereign becoming and being in your life start, start now. Step by step, breath by breath.  Open your heart, your womb, your legs and mouth to the world, to life itself, to the wholeness of YOU, to your own God.  The holy of holies and begin in this moment to breath the breath of life, for all life.  First your own.