Contemplating life is not the same as LIVING LIFE. Why do you continue to fool yourself that you are living when in fact you are tiptoeing the on the outside of your life?

So many of us live in the periphery of our lives, eluding ourselves that we are engaged. We numb ourselves through addiction, the fear of judgement holds us rigid in the confines we place ourselves. 

The fear of looking or sounding foolish. 
Fear of ‘getting it wrong’. Yet, how can there be any ‘wrong’ when you, yourself make the rules for your own life?

The Judgements imposed cause us to fear ‘wrong doing’, yet, we learn as we explore. We have the opportunity to begin in each moment. To make a choice. Each choice can be trial and error. Some ‘work’ some less so. However, each is a growth and learning point. There is no failure, simply information gathering. Yet, why do so many of us feel ‘ we have failed’?

How can we fail when are unsure of the outcome? 

We can imagine, dream and wonder, yet we cannot ‘KNOW’. We cannot know unless we are following the exact steps of another that has gone before. In some cases, yes, this is a necessity, yet NOTHING will ever be the ‘exact’ same, a pure replication as much as we may desire this. 

No, for you, YES YOU….beautiful being that you are, you hold your own unique flavour, energy and intention. Your whole blueprint is unique. You are unique. So nothing and NO-THING will ever be an exact replica when you place your unique self into the equation.

So why is it we often ignore these facts and focus on the other?
Why is it we fear often to fully engage with our own lives, our own selves, all too often comparing and looking outside of ourselves?

Yes, we dance around the edges for fear of falling into our own lives.

What will I miss out on by not ‘following the rules’?What ARE you missing out on by ‘following the rules’? The rules imposed by others and adopted as our own.

To step in and engage and dance with the totality of ourselves requires a brave heart, a step into the unknown, to trust the mystery and to dance a little on the ‘wild side.

The mystery is without doctrine. It asks us to have faith and trust ourselves. This is the risk. To dance on the wild side is also to take risk.

Many women I know and have met speak of wanting to know the ‘wild side…the wild woman’ within her…..yet for me I know this involves risk:

  • Risk to my heart
  • To the status quo
  • It involves change not only to myself but everything around me

Wildness to me means embracing the primal aspect of myself, the Primal Woman, this means embracing the INNOCENCE of Primal Woman. 

Primal Woman…the one that came before all others. The one so deeply connected to the elements and elementals.

You remember her?

  • She with the wild heart, wild eyes and hair
  • She so comfortable in her sensual animal body
  • She that dances her dance of truth
  • She that sees into, through and beyond the veils of illusion
  • She who dares to dance in the fullness of life, love and the unknown
  • She who knows that everything is fluid, changeable, that nothing stays the same
  • She who knows that NO -THING is to be controlled for to control kills the essence of what is, what can be for it to be fully alive
  • She knows the magnitude of the beauty and power of all that she is…..all she is not…

Wild Woman, Primal Woman is of the earth, she is of the stars. She reflects the waters that she is…she laps gently and rages fiercely. She takes no prisoners, nor does she have ‘expectation’.  
Primal Woman, the wild within and without, dances in the fullness of herself, with herself. She cares not if others wish to dance with her. She meets and she is open to being met….deeply….fully….honestly and authentically.

This wild nature is the pure essence of life. It is libidic, the creative fullness of life itself. This energy knows containment and constraint invited only by her own body, breath and WILL.
Primal woman longs not for things, for she is full….yet, at the same time she lies empty, open – pulsing with life.

She is the life force of raw, innocence, potency, grace and the perfect imperfection of herself.

She is you and you are her. She is waiting and wanting dear one for you. For that moment of full faith, trust. For your brave heart and the curiosity to overcome the crippling fear you are so limited by, addicted to. 

Primal Woman is inviting you to take that fear, welcome it and dance with it in this huge, beautiful, beauty-filled and intoxicating thing called Life…

Do you hear her?

Will you answer?

She waits………