…an apology to the masculine

Dear Masculine, For you, both within and without, he of the sacred seed, he of the warrior heart, he the little boy lost, the golden child of play and innocence, the man he became, the beloved, the sacred, the toxic, the conscious and the unconscious, the becoming and the become; I lay down my sword and commit to listening to […]

Let’s dance…

A beautiful opportunity to move back to ourselves. A shamanic movement meditation working through the elements Nothing to get right nor wrong Bring water, layers, your own beautiful self We start promptly at 7:30 pm 10 August AUZUR MARINA, St Leonards on Sea Please pre book here:

…there is no smoke without fire.

We are on a wild ride of awakening. Of opening. Of seeing. Of loving. Of showing up in the world and for ourselves, communities and our beloveds.


May I have the courage today To live the life that I would love To postpone my dream no longer But to do at last what I came here for And waste my heart on fear no longer John O’Donoghue

…you hold the key for your life

You alone hold the key to the gateway that is your life. You, your heart and your soul lay firmly in your hands. Yet you do not understand all know this, as you are blind to the beauty and brilliance of yourself.

What is it you choose today alongside that which you ‘must’ do? Nothing fundamentally is a ‘must do’. We have a choice. When we ‘must do’ which aspect of ourselves is shouting loudest? The mother? The master? The martyr? The Victim? The perpetrator? Prostitute… the list goes onWhich aspect get the most airtime in your life? Does it make you happy or are you existing?

…turn up the heart…

Sitting here on a mini break I have been very present to how when life stops, when there is space I actually feel quite lonely.  There is a grief moving through that is reflected  both personally and collectively.  Such turbulent times, such uncertainty and ‘othering’.  Pondering on this I find myself with a tender heart, longing for connection.  I know I […]


It is pretty much agreed that we live in an age of ‘instant gratification’.
We can press a button and have something delivered the next day.

We can shop on the high-street and find most things that we ‘need’. We can swipe left or right and get an instant ‘hook up’ for sex.  We can buy, barter, make, steal, find most things. Yet, I wonder how much brings real deep satisfaction.  All these ‘things’, this ‘stuff’, for me simply fills a hole or holes.

Holes, in my heart, my life that I feel I have. An illusion I am not ‘WHOLE’. Holes that require filling. I have a glorious apartment filled with ‘stuff’, I have visited beautiful places have delicious memories of passion filled encounters, devoured, relished and over indulged on incredible food, wine and other sensual pleasures. I run projects, I do much in my community and have a great capacity to see the big picture and create much for many. YET, there are a few things that I know I deeply, deeply desire.

..WOMAN…use your voice!

There is a yearning for the ‘WILD’ yet to be truly wild means knowing also your innocence and your primal aspect, your cyclical nature. It is not a place to relinquish responsibility but to a make a choice to be fully alive. Many see it as reckless abandon, yet this is destructive and disrespectful to be truly while means of knowing one’s purpose and committing to be there. Is this fullness expresses itself in both creation and destruction. The cycle of life. Death and rebirth…

Open your mouth Dear one and allow the thorns to be spewed out from your upper and lower the old words and beliefs, the pain the ostracisation, the loss, allow the sound to come from the heart and womb. It Is too long since you have opened you mouth and uttered your truth from the holy of holies that resides between your thighs….

…Yet whilst we shut her away and quieten the truth speaking words we also deny the beauty, the sweetness and the words of love and encouragement; of beauty honour and Grace. Those words that touch your hearts like the first summer breeze laden with the fragrance of Rose, Jasmine and honeysuckle those words that heal those wounds through so many lifetimes, those pains. Those words and sounds that easy ache at the longing heart and painful limbs, the salve and balm of the True Voice…

…self responsibility sucks…but is vital for living a life you LOVE

Self-responsibility is empowering, yes, it is also hellish scary! It means we have to grow up, put on ‘big girl pants’ and realise we have no one and nothing else to ‘blame’ only ourselves. Yes, I know there have been significant events in many of our lives where things have happened to us, by people, where we have had little to no choice in which we were victims, yet, from my own experience, I know I have stayed in this place of being the victim instead of taking what has happened and turning it around to use it as juice/fuel to empower myself to change how I respond to the event and change my story.

Do you take up the peace mantle for yourself, wrap yourself, these tender pieces within it to nurture the broken bones and aching heart you take from broken expectations, conforming to ‘earn love and your place’ when your body and soul shout ‘no!’


One of my ‘primal wounds’ is REJECTION…yup, this ‘little’ story that can hinder many of us. How many of you relate to this ‘beauty’?